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Sanctuary Royal Splendour

Single $159
Couple $299

1 hour 45 minutes


Enjoy a 105 minute treatment that includes a 5 minute foot soak, followed by a 55 minute Traditional Thai Massage (without oil), Thai Style Oil Massage, or Aromatic & Relaxing Massage, and concludes with a 45 minute Refreshing Facial.

Our heavenly 105 mins massage begin with a foot soak that will leave you walking on air followed by either Traditional Thai Massage (without oil) - focuses on circulation and pressure points, promoting internal health as well as muscular flexibility. or Thai Style Oil Massage helps to reduce anxiety and enhance energy. or Aromatic & Relaxing Massage to reduce insomnia and anxiety, enhance energy, improve short-term memory, prevent headaches and facilitate relaxation. and ending with the refreshing facial, your face will receive all the benefits of New Zealand’s luxurious range of natural Evolu® products. You skin will be cleansed, refreshed and relaxed after the treatment.

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