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Sanctuary Supreme Reinvigorate

Single $239 Couple $459

2 hours 30 minutes


Enjoy a 150 minute treatment that includes a 5 minute foot soak, followed by a 45 minute body scrub using six different hand-made products from New Zealand. Then, choose between a 55 minute Traditional Thai Massage (without oil), Thai Style Oil Massage, or Aromatic & Relaxing Massage, and finish with a 45 minute Refreshing Facial.

The Sanctuary Supreme Reinvigorate treatment provides foot message and spa, The body scrub with the six choices of hand made NZ local product. This nourishing body scrub has perfect blend. To waken your skin and sweeten your day! It will remove your unwanted dry skin, making you fell Hydrated, Delicious, and to finish we add the signature moisturise to make your skin silky smooth and calm. Following with the choice of either Traditional Thai Massage (without oil) - focuses on circulation and pressure points, promoting internal health as well as muscular flexibility. or Thai Style Oil Massage helps to reduce anxiety and enhance energy. or Aromatic & Relaxing Massage to reduce insomnia and anxiety, enhance energy, improve short-term memory, prevent headaches and facilitate relaxation. Ending with the refreshing facial, your face will receive all the benefits of New Zealand’s luxurious range of natural Evolu® products. You skin will be cleansed, refreshed and relaxed after the treatment.

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